Important news from UK

By | 2012-12-06

In UK we had our annual indoor show  on December 1st-2nd and BMAA also have their AGM. BMAA now have CAA approval to handle design approval for amateur built aeroplanes in the VLA/ LSA category, in addition to those in the microlight category. First one is nearly through the system – the Best Off Nynja,… Read More »

Microlight Helicopter Class in France

By | 2012-12-04

The Microlight Helicopter Class is now effective in France since 10 months. It became the 6th class of microlights, after Class 1 Paramotor, Class 2 Weight Shift, Class 3 Three Axis, Class 4 Augyro and Class 5 Airship. At this time four machines have received an identification index from our CAA. They are : Kompress… Read More »

News from member countries – November 2012

By | 2012-12-02

Due to autumn time European microlighting is calm almost everywhere. Neverthelest we bring you few news from November. Belgium – preparing the General conference and the projects for next year.  Although BULMF is following the evolution of LSA issues, at the National Aero Club level both Federations ULM (Microlight )and AVIATION have decided that LSA… Read More »

News from member countries – October 2012

By | 2012-11-01

Czech Republic – “LAA CR for own pleasure” meeting on 6th October was great! Have a look on a short video France – October 27th-30th the Stage Cadet ULM took place in Gap Tallard Netherlands – KNVvL in talks with government on issuing all non-commercial licenses (October 8th) Norway – “Season ending” 2012 in Star Moen – ENSMA – Elverum took… Read More »

Presentations of the Part-M GA Workshop

By | 2011-11-03

Please note that the presentations of the Part-M GA Workshop, which took place on 27 Oct. in Cologne, are now available on the EASA Events Website under this link. Kind regards, Ms Katinka KUBICKA-GUTAI Secretary Rulemaking Directorate R.4 Product Safety Department European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)

The new ELSA in Czech Republic

By | 2011-11-02

Jan Fridrich revealed at the EMF meeting in Oostende on 9th of October how their new class of “heavy microlights” up to 600 kgs MTOM was accepted in his country as an Annex II c. They can fly this with a Microlight Certificate but there are more issues… Links to the two files that Jan… Read More »

Try flying in Wales

By | 2011-10-24

By Keith Negal (written in 2005) Of those microlight pilots who come from Europe to fly in the United Kingdom, few make it as far as Wales. This is a pity as the north-west coast of Wales is beautiful country in which to fly. It has long sandy beaches and pretty towns. If the weather… Read More »

Welcome to the EMF site

By | 2011-10-23

A letter from Dominique Méreuze, the EMF President When EMF was created, the creators were prompted by the resolution to allow the European pilots keen on microlighting, which is our common passion, to be able to carry on living their passion within a reasonable regulatory frame, likely to be shared by a vast majority. The… Read More »