Microlight Helicopter Class in France

By | 2012-12-04

The Microlight Helicopter Class is now effective in France since 10 months. It became the 6th class of microlights, after Class 1 Paramotor, Class 2 Weight Shift, Class 3 Three Axis, Class 4 Augyro and Class 5 Airship. At this time four machines have received an identification index from our CAA. They are :
Kompress Charly I and II from Elisport (2 seats)
Runabout CH 77 from the same company (2seats)
Spirit Tandem from Cicare Europe (2 seats)
Mosquito XE from Innovator Technologies (single seat)
At that time,the 26th of November 2012, about twelve pilots get a licence and ten flying instructors are already in function, coming in majority from the “light certified helicopter category”.  As a transitional disposition, during still 12 months, if you get a instructor rating in the light helicopter category and if you are also a microlight instructor,  you could be a flight instructor by equivalence for this new class). The regulation is exactly the same for the 6 classes.