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More countries with OPT-OUT

By | 2020-11-24

Number of countries having possibility to fly aircraft up to 600 kg MTOM under national regulations is increasing. Realistic MTOM limits for microlights are one of EMF’s priorities. Please see link below to check current situation:

AERO Friedrichshafen numbers

By | 2015-07-03

AERO 2015 in Friedrichshafen set a new record with 645 exhibitors from 38 countries. These numbers are already very close to the numbers from 2009. After that year financial crisis caused significant decrease of exhibitors. This can be an indicator for GA that things are getting better now. Still the total number of visitors was far… Read More »

Visiting Egypt

By | 2015-01-04

Aero club of Egypt has the pleasure to inform all of you who would like to visit Egypt by their aircrafts registered in any aero club to notify the general secretary of aero club of Egypt to arrange fot the issue of all permits and exemption of the required fees for the use of the… Read More »

EMF AGM in Malta finished.

By | 2014-10-13

Our Anual General Meeting on 11th and 12th October has been finished. All documents are available for download in both open and closed sections. Kind thanks for our hosts – Island Microlight Club.