News from member countries – November 2012

By | 2012-12-02

Due to autumn time European microlighting is calm almost everywhere. Neverthelest we bring you few news from November.

Belgium – preparing the General conference and the projects for next year.  Although BULMF is following the evolution of LSA issues, at the National Aero Club level both Federations ULM (Microlight )and AVIATION have decided that LSA will be handled by Federation AVIATION.

Denmark – soon Danish microlight flyers will be granted flying over urban areas. Denmark is probably the only country in Europe with these kind of restrictions.

Malta – lots of flying being done, and on November 24th two students passed their GST.

Norway – these days theory courses for new candidates running, gathering instructors for update seminar and safety issues.

Poland – in talks with CAA about authority matter. Two meetings had place in November, both succesful. LAF RP has chance to become Polish Sport Union for microlighting.

Portugal –  in Portugal when a student pilot completes his first solo flight, the instructor throws a bucket of water on him, then all the pilots present kick him on his backside. Below you can find the link for pictures of this tradition. The number of new pilots is increasing. This story is an evidence: “Each year, to celebrate the anniversary of our flight school we gather all the student pilots and those who are already pilots and offer them a dinner at our airfield. To all that have finished their pilot course, in our school, during this last year, we offer a golden metal pair of wings to wear on their clothing or flight suits. Last year we offered 4 wings, this year we offered 6. We are proud of our pilots and look forward to continue giving more wings in the future.” Take a look at the pictures here!

Spain – AEPAL’s recognition to the General Director of Civil Aviation Authority. English version on the bottom: link

News from France and UK coming soon!