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Louis, President EMFThe European Microlight Federation is a wide  family of 23 members countries which represents more 60 000 enthusiasts pilots.

EMF had a few years of long discussions with the European Union authorities about increasing the weight to a maximum of 600 kg, MTOM.  Finally we came to an agreement and it was published in the New Basic Regulation 2018/1139. In Annex I article 8 you will find that Member States may decide to regulate aeroplanes, helicopters and sailplanes up to 600 kg nationally by simple notification.

Each EU country has the possibility to introduce the 600 kg MTOM under her national regulation.

All EU countries agreed  that microlight will not regulated by EASA rules but by national rules. We keep our freedom, although sometimes it is difficult when there are differences between the national regulations. But harmonization means more constraints and risks for freedom.

Elected as President of the EMF in October 2019 with a new board, this year 2020 has been marked worldwide by the Covid pandemic that has strongly affected all national economies, and put on hold our leisure activities as well the work of the EMF team.

Like many other organization our 2020 General Meeting took place online.

In 2021 the microlight flight activities have restarted  and the EMF back to work by following its roadmap proposed during our 2020 General Meeting focussed on several subjects:

  • Renew the documentation for pilots in “Flying in Europe”by having one file per country (see files on our website)
  • Sharing national regulatoryinformation on: MLA and pilots rules, safety, medical, training, to support countries in discussion with CAA.
  • Update EMF website to provide more information for countries and pilots
  • Participation in international organization like EAS,FAI-CIMA
  • Share best practices on:safety and training support byvideo, documentation, safety, mountain flying, hydroplane,electric plane etc
  • Be active to support safety actions: encourage conspicuity development in all EUcountries with interoperability  between systems.  
  • Improve EMF communication between countries by: magazines, documentation, microlight airfield databasedirectory, website, good addresses, support, flyersand  presence at Air Show like AERO Friedrichshafen and MULM Blois.
  • Encourage and share international exchange that is more focused on young pilots…

All these topics are now underway.

EMF is an open independent organization and our goal is to be there for our microlights pilots.

Feel free to contact us on our website and  leave your message  to support and improve our efficiency.

Take care and enjoy your flights.


EMF President