ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the EMF on October 30th 2021 in Paris

By | 2021-11-07

For the record, the EMF (European Federation of ULM) brings together 22 countries and more than 60,000 pilots practicing Microlights in Europe.

Given the difficulties of travel around Europe related to sanitary restrictions still in force, the EMF GA was again held in video-conference mode with 3 members of the EMF Board in person: Rieteke Van Luijt / Netherlands (Treasurer), Hans Havager / Denmark (Vice-President), Louis Collardeau / France (President) and 14 countries present by video on Zoom. The headquarters of the FFPLUM served as a base camp for the organization of this video-conference.

Traditionally the conference began with the words of welcome of the authorities of the host country: Sébastien Perrot (President of the FFPLUM) evoking the 40 years of the FFPLUM and the success of the MULM; and Pierre-Yves Huerre (Head of MALGH) who represented Damien CAZE Director General of the DGAC (French CAA) . He highlighted the quality of the constructive exchanges with the FFPLUM, explaining the importance of the microlights activity in France, which must remain safe, simple, responsible and accessible but which must also take into account new environmental issues; the ULM by its declarative system (in France) to provide innovative solutions, with modern engines, less polluting and in particular in the development of electric motorization.

Louis Collardeau President of the EMF then drew up an overall assessment of the year 2021 marked by the cancellation or postponement of several events such as Aéro-Friedrichshafen. Nevertheless, most countries have seen a good recovery in flight activities. The pandemic crisis has, in all countries, increased ecological pressure and we will have to provide answers, by better quantifying the environmental impact of our activities. The ULM represents, without a doubt, a less polluting, quieter and modern powered flight activity than general aviation, while leaving more room for innovation. We must also highlight the areas of biodiversity represented by our aerodromes and ULM bases. The organization of our events: fairs, competitions, meetings must also take more account of sustainable development. 2022: continued modernization of the Website, participation in events: Aéro-Freiderichshafen, MULM Blois, sharing among EMF members of good environmental practices, safety, training

Rieteke Van Luijt (Treasurer) presented the financial report which shows good reserves to continue the commitment of actions.

Hans Palsson (Sweden) presented the actions to modernize the EMF website and the updating of the “Flying in Europe” data

Paul Windey (Belgium) presented the foreseeable constraints for our activities in the future U-Spaces (spaces usable by unmanned aircraft), and the ongoing discussions between EAS (Europe Air Sport) and EASA on the need for “Conspicuity” based on electronic collision prevention devices allowing better safety. At its AGM, the EMF adopted and formalizes by a letter addressed to the EAS representative, explicitly asking him the possibility of supporting the use of simple, non-certified devices, including the use of mobile phone-based applications, which have the advantage of very good coverage in the low altitudes mainly used for U-Spaces.

Camille Menard (France FFPLUM) presented the main lines of MULM 2021 and the prospects of MULM 2022, with invitation for each country to participate under the aegis of the EMF

An overview by each representative of the different participating countries provided an overview of the evolution of the MLA: regulations, opt-out, difficulties, trends,…

Jonas Sturla (Iceland) presented the Microlight activity in his country in view of membership declaration of the Reykjavik Ultralight Club to the EMF

Votes: financial report, renewal of the Board, approval of Iceland’s candidacy. All votes are approved by show of hands unanimously.

Next EMF GA: it is proposed and approved that the next EMF GA be held in Blois, France on the occasion of MULM 2022, September 2nd to 4th.

In summary, an EMF AGM rich in multiple topics and exchanges between participants, despite the constraint of video-conferencing. The European ULM is on a good dynamic, driven by the specificities of the national regulations specific to each country, but with the awareness that this has the advantage of avoiding the risk of regulatory harmonization that would inevitably be to the detriment of freedoms. Even if this sometimes creates some constraints for intra-European flights, but that each member country of the EMF is working to simplify with its supervisory administrations.

October 30, 2021