News from member countries – October 2012

By | 2012-11-01

Czech Republic – “LAA CR for own pleasure” meeting on 6th October was great! Have a look on a short video

France – October 27th-30th the Stage Cadet ULM took place in Gap Tallard

Netherlands – KNVvL in talks with government on issuing all non-commercial licenses (October 8th)

Norway – “Season ending” 2012 in Star Moen – ENSMA – Elverum took place on 19 – 21 October

Poland – October 16th – the new Head of CAA, Mr. Piotr OĊ‚owski, ATPL pilot and the Polish Parliament member

Spain – September 20th: the new VFR Chart for the TMA Madrid came into effect, with several achievements for GA.

The AEPAL Safety Aviation Bulletin #4 has been published; available here (In Spanish only).