Visiting Egypt

Aero club of Egypt has the pleasure to inform all of you who would like to visit Egypt by their aircrafts registered in any aero club to notify the general secretary of aero club of Egypt to arrange fot the issue of all permits and exemption of the required fees for the use of the Egyptian airports during their trip.

The aero club of Egypt can also arrange ad organize the visit of any group of pilots planning to make a tour in Egypt.

Kindly address your notification to:

Aero club of Egypt secretary general


tel/fax: 0020223935873 – 0020223935099

P.O.Box: 19 Mohamed Faried – Code No.11518 Cairo – Egypt

3 Responses to Visiting Egypt

  • Sebastiano Caristia says:

    This is an interesting news. I am interested in the exemption of the fees for the use of the Egyptian airports.
    In 2006 we visited Egypt in a group of 6 Italian ultralights. We were forced from their CAA to use a local handling company who requested very high fees (400$ per aircraft and per airport). Because of that we discarded Egypt for future trips.
    Now it would be interesting again provided that the exemption is a real fact.Thanks

  • Hartwig Höppel says:

    gibt es von dieser Internetseit ein deutsche Version?

    M.f. G


  • Jürgen Leukefeld says:

    When planning to visit Egypt for any purpose, either tourism, flying, sportive events, or what ever, are there any restrictions to undergo for immigration? Are people from all over the world in need of a visa, … where can somebody validate his licence?

    I can´t provide a webpage as asked in your questionnnaire, I´m just some private Person ans airsports Enthusiast.

    Kind regards and thanks in advance for some advice.

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