MLA flying in Europe


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  • Andrew Lysser says:

    I want to fly a Gyroplane in Spain next winter and want to know where to find the latest form to ask permission. Please can you help. many thanks. Andrew


    Nowadays you have this form in AESA (CAA) website:

    But it´s previsible some modifications concerning this request form and associated procedure, so you´d better wait a couple of moths for a definitive procedure to request if you are not in a hurry.

  • Steen says:

    I’m currently in the process of arranging at trip from Denmark to Hungary. App. 20 ultra lights from our club will participate.

    We have to cross Slovakia which has some requirements regarding ELT, transponder and radio. In Denmark we don’t use ELT at all, so can anyone with experience in flying in Slovakia give som hints? E.g. flying in formation with one leader aircraft carrying an ELT and transponder.

    It also states that we should ask for permit to enter FIR but no address where to apply?

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Best regards


    • Hi

      We are a micro light company based in Pokhara, Nepal and we fly from Pokhara Airport. We are looking for an engineer/pilot who would be interested to come to Nepal and work with us . The person donot need to be a pilot but must be certified to work as an engineer for micro lights as acceptable to work on the aircraft. If they are also a pilot they could fly here as well but our prime objective is to find an engineer. We are looking for the person from early July to work for at least a year. Our aircraft are GT-450.

      I will email more details if there are anyone willing to come.

      Please check

      Should there be any queries, feel free to ask.

  • Rieteke van Luijt editor says:

    The best thing to do is to contact our EMF member of Slovakia mr. Marian Sluk, president of the SFUL Slovak Ultralight Federation email:

    With Kind regards
    mrs. Rieteke van Luijt
    MLA Flying in Europe

  • Steen says:

    Thank’s Rieteke
    I’m in contact with mr. Sluk already.
    I was more interested in some “hands.on” experience from UL-flyers who have tried to fly i Slovakia.

  • Claudio Ferrando says:

    I am located in spain and I am studing to fly from barcelona to Italy. Could you please tell me if is it possible to do and what I need to cross trought France to Italy with a UL flayer?
    I am not really sure that as UL pilot I can fly out from Spain.

    Bst Rgds
    Claudio Ferrando


    Hi Claudio.

    It is not only possible, it´s also recommendable and you have all necessary information in this EMF handbook to do your best crossing these countries.

    As spanish licensed pilot (and registered plane) you can fly other countries if their national CAA allows you, and France and Italy allows you to fly with no special permit to fly request.

    Read the handbook to see their conditions and, if any doubt, we will help you in our mail (

    Spanish spoken 😉

  • Lucille says:

    Ich bin eine ganze Weile im Internet gesurft. Ich
    schätze mal so etwa drei Stunden und habe in dieser Zeit keinen so interessanten Post gefunden,
    wie deiner.Respekt!

  • Rieteke van Luijt says:

    Hallo Lucille,

    Herzlichen Dank für das Kompliment. Hoffentlich wird MLA Flying in Europe behilflich sein bei deine Flügen ins Ausland.
    Many happy landings

    Herzliche Grüsse
    Rieteke van Luijt

  • Willem de Jong says:

    It seems that a UK LAPL(A) and higher Part-FCL licenses gives privileges to fly MLA provided a difference training is followed. An MLA rating is not required then because an MLA falls within the same class of aircraft, even though it is excluded from technical requirements. This is unfortunately not the case in the Netherlands. In NL an MLA rating is still required with the strange consequence that an experienced pilot still needs to obtain an MLA rating and on top of that a separate national license (if he has a Part-FCL license).
    It would be so much better for everyone when the Dutch CAA would harmonize their national aviation legislation with CAA’s of other countries.

    • thomas moller says:

      hi Willem,
      graag heb ik contact met je over de uk mla situatie ! ben zelf easa uk-ppl-a

  • Serkan Özcezarlı says:

    Dear Emf,

    I met you at the EMF meeting in Spain. Thank you very much for that nice meeting.
    I am Serkan Özcezarlı from TRNC Air Sports Federation Pilots.
    The Federation got a new gyrocope. By the end of March or early April, we will fly to the Cyprus. According to our plan will be passed from 9 countries. Spain, France, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey.
    What we have to do on this flight line.
    Thank you.
    Best Regards,

    • Rieteke van Luijt says:

      Dear Serkan,

      Congratulation with the new Gyrocopter. The best way is to look in “MLA Flying in Europe”. From all the countries you intend to cross you will find information how to handle and addresses if you need to apply for a Permit to Fly.
      Hope this helps.

      Kind regards,
      Rieteke van Luijt

  • Nicolas Ganshof says:


    I am planning to fly out of the french countries with a 3 axis microlight. Do I need to pass an English exam, such as FCL 055 VFR?

    I am planning a flight in UK.Then to the Scandinavien countries (English exam is requested in Norway).



  • Michael Robbig says:

    May I note that Portugal has implemented stricter rules for all international flights including EU Schengen. A permission is needed and FPL mandatory, entry airports are also limited. The permission number must be included in the FPL. Note for German pilots: A radio station license (Frequenzzuteilung) must be provided with the application.

    • Rieteke van Luijt says:

      Dear Michael,
      Thank you for your email about Portugal. We are aware of the situation. Both Europe Air Sports, EAS, and IAOPA are in contact with the Portugees authorities and see what can be done about this.
      Hopefully we get positive news.

      Rieteke van Luijt
      President EMF
      Vice President EAS

  • Hatem Ali says:

    Hello guys,

    My name is Hatem, Egyptian CAA CPL IR ME pilot (expired license) and also have FAA ATP part 121 from the Flight Safety Centre in France.

    I would like to work for any microlight-Ultralight aviation club in Europe, but I DO NOT HAVE AN EASA Licence, so what do you guys think? Is it possible?

    Thank you.


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  • Gerry Barthelmann says:

    Im Juni/Juli 2019 moechte ich mit meinem Auto und Anhaenger mit Motorschirm-Trike nach Ungarn zum Balaton fahren.
    Dort moechte ich verschiedene Flugplaetze rund um den See besuchen und dort Rundfluege machen.

    Ich bin Deutscher, der in der Schweiz lebt, habe einen amerikanischen UL-Pilotenschein.
    In der Schweiz gibt es die UL-Klasse nicht und ist demnach verboten. In Deutschland fliege ich nach dem Gastflugrecht und habe kein registriertes Fluggeraet.

    Frage: Darf ich in Ungarn fliegen oder muss ich mein Geraet zuvor in Deutschland registrieren lassen?
    Was muss ich in Ungarn beachten um legal fliegen zu koennen?

    Ich bin dankbar fuer jede Antwort

    Gerry :-)

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  • Kevin Walton says:

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