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  • Flying in Spain with a French ultralight does require a medical check class 2
    Are you going to ask the Spanish civil aviation to stop asking class 2 medical check for French pilots flying French ultralights ?

    • MIcrolight regulation in Spain like in all other countries are national regulation managed by local CAA
      In each UE countries microligt flight rules are depending of discussion between local microlight representaive organisation and CAA.
      To fly in foreign countries you have to appy local regulation as other local pilots.
      Somewhere this specifity to be outside EASA regulation is also an advantage for MLA pilots to avoid heavy regulation of other countries like: medical, certification, periodic control, ….

  • Dear EMF board,
    Could you please inform me about possible restrictions for border crossing MLA aviation in relation to the presend Covid situation. If I plan my flight from NL (EHKD) to Itzehoe (EDHF) and from EDHF to Rolfsted (EKRO), do I need to consider special clearances?
    Thank you for your soonest response.

    • Even if we do our best efforts in working together in the EMF, it is almost impossible and very complex to answer precisely this question because for each country the flight restrictions related to the Covid containment are not set by the civil aviation organizations and are not the subject of Notam-type aviation publications.
      For each country, there are general traffic restrictions set by the various governments and their ministries (1st Minister, Health, Police, Army,…) and which apply to all citizens residing in the country, sometimes also with variations by the regional authorities. In addition, these provisions are constantly adjusted sometimes on a day-to-day basis according to the evolution of the pandemic in each country without any liaison with the other EU countries.

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