EMF Board

The EMF Board Prague – October 2015


President and Treasurer
Rieteke van Luijt

Asserbrink 54
7812 NL Emmen
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 591 610441
E-Mail: vanluijt(*)ziggo . nl  1)

Jean_Claude_s 1st Vice President
Jean Claude Hanesse

94 Quai Claude Le Lorrain

54000 NANCYFrance

Phone: +33 0672865771
E-Mail: jchanesse(*)lgmail. . com

Jan_Fridr 2nd Vice President
Jan Fridrich

Ke Kablu 289
Praha 10
102 00 Czech Republic

Phone: +420 777 813 040
E-Mail: fridrich(*)laacr . cz  1)

Darek_Cymer General Secretary
Dariusz Cymerys

Ul. Orła Białego 12,
78-449 Borne Sulinowo,

Phone: +420 607 789 637
E-Mail: darek.cymerys (*) silesnet . cz 1)



The Board

Other functions:

Darek_Cs Web author (articles and news)
Dariusz Cymerysemail & phone see above


Webmaster (keeps it running)
Roger Holm

Lilleveien 7

E-mail: rogers.holm(*)gmail . com   1)
Phone: +47 951 82 594

1)    “@” is shown as (*)  and the extension split from the address to prevent SPAM

One Response to EMF Board

  • Dear EMF,
    I want to be in touch with you. I was one of the founder members of the Island Microlight Club in Malta and I am today a partner at Celier Aviation. I wish to engage with you for future co-operation.

    Major Alexander Dalli ret’d, BA Hons

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