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  • Skylarkusa says:

    To Whom it may concern

    We would like to inform all European and International Aeronautical Institutions about the illegalities that two companies, Dova Aircraft and Marko Grilz, are committing by manufacturing and selling the Skylark airplane and its variants.
    We are Skylark USA LLC, an American company that owns legal rights to manufacture and commercialize worldwide the Skylark aircraft and its variants. Skylark USA obtained the license in 2016, with exclusivity, from Dr. David Marsden, the designer of Skylark aircraft.
    In 2008 Dr. Marsden canceled the license agreement with Dova Aircraft and his partner Marko Grilz for major contractual breaches. Dova Aircraft was in default for about $800000 in royalties fees, had modified the aircraft without approval, sublicensed to the third party (Marko Grilz) without approval, and certified Skylark aircraft in the Czech Republic and Germany without Dr. Marsden’s permission.
    The two questionable companies are Dova Aircraft sro from Kirilovova 115, Paskov 739 21, Czech Republic and Marko Grilz Ultraleichtflugzeugbau & Service from Zum Tower 10, Kamenz 01917, Germany.
    We respectfully recommend a suspension of new registrations for Skylark aircraft manufactured by Dova and Marko Grilz until their legal standing is cleared.
    We are more than happy to provide any documentation and proof that above mentioned companies are operating illegally.

    For any questions or concerns regarding this letter please do not hesitate to contact me at office@skylarkusa.com

    Best regards,
    Nick Suciu

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