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  • Rebeca Reyes says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    Good weather, nice airfield facilities and amazing landscapes to fly over
    These is what usually a sport pilot looks for. Let me introduce you, now that Autumn is coming, one of the best Europe´s options to keep flying in the cold seasons: Canaire, the ultralight and gyrocopter school in Gran Canaria, Europe´s best weather. Winters at 25ºC and the sun always shining up in the sky.
    Each year more and more pilots choose to come to Gran Canaria to fly with us, in a perfect combination of training and holidays with the family. Our school is located in El Berriel airfield (GCLB) with good facilities for aerial activity, training and leisure. Just beneath the touristic area of Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas, you can exit the plane and in a few minutes being resting on the beach or walking in the mountains.
    Our experienced flight instructor (4800h+) Daniel del Rosario, will make a constant learning of each one of your flights: technical flight at El Berriel´s circuit, mountain flying, navigation flights to Fuerteventura, Tenerife or Lanzarote, etc, all with exclusive & nice treatment.
    We also teach to fly gyroplanes, the current fashion aircraft in Europe. But we are not a “gyro fashion” school. We do flight instruction in gyroplanes for 12 years, know well about them and it´s safety. Pilots trust our training method and in the cold season many northern countries pilots come to learn to fly this amazing aircraft. It´s a safe bet.
    Canaire´s planes are a Tecnam P2002 Sierra for conventional and navigation training, Rans Coyote S6ES 80hp for Stol and technical training, and a ELA 07 Cougar Gyroplane.
    Please send to whom it may concern.
    It will be a pleasure to share the cockpit with you this year at Gran Canaria
    With kind regards,
    Rebeca Reyes Santana
    +0034 617040605

    • Rieteke van Luijt says:

      Hallo Rebeca,
      Thank you for this information. I have been to Gan Canaria, but never thought of MLA flying over the island.
      Next time I will contact you, so we can meet and fly.
      Kind regards,
      mrs. Rieteke van Luijt
      President EMF

  • Nils Rostedt says:

    1) could you send me my members userid and password data so I can access the members part of the website?
    2) could you add on the members page Finland and a link to:

    Nils Rostedt
    Finnish Aeronautical Association
    Powered Flying Committee
    Delegate to EMF and EAS

  • Santos says:

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  • Bill Esker says:

    It’s a little late but I just found its site. I want to invite you to fly WUFI. World Ultralight Fly In . The first fly in, in time, not place.

    • Rieteke van Luijt says:

      Hello Bill,
      Wonderful to look at your website. I have been to the US many times and visited Oshkosh, Sun-and-Fun, Airraces Reno.
      It’s such a wonderful country for flying Ultralights. As you mentioned in Europe we call it Microlight. Our advanced MLA’s are like the LSA in the States.
      If you visit Europe, be sure to contact us and keep us updated about you initiatives.
      Kind regards,
      mrs. Rieteke van Luijt
      President EMF

  • "Ainera" says:

    Good afternoon Dear Manager

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  • Isaac McPeek says:

    I’ve got an American private pilots license and would like to be fully legal in poland. What must I do to get a polish private pilots license or Microlight pilots license. I don’t know where else to go to ask this question.

  • Commander Mike says:

    Hallo Rebeca!
    I have been flying with Dan in the ELA Reg ECFR4 for a number of years & we have a very strong friendship.
    We are considering coming over from the UK on holiday again & the last time Dan telephoned me, a couple of years ago, he was in Bristol doing a conversion course to commercial flying.
    Looking @ your quality web site it would appear he is very busy & that is the reason for this message/question.
    IF we come to stay @ Blue Bay Beach Club would there be any periods when Dan would be away on further courses of flying commercially? I would like to fly with Dan again but not too near the prison!!
    Finally I had the pleasure of meeting his fiance Rebeca outside the hanger one day some years ago, would it be you?
    Mike Hurst

  • Dear Pilots, we organise a raid for fast Microlights to Norway in June (9-18th) with max 10 aircraft. All details available on

    Enjoy and share!

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