AirVenture Oshkosh 2013 pictures

Pictures from AirVenture Oshkosh 2013 with some description in Czech by EMF Vicepresident Jan Fridrich can be found at: http://www.laacr.cz/Stranky/Aktuality/default.aspx?UID=112

Nice video from Malta

Our members from Malta made this nice short video flying on trike around their beautiful island. Watch here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kt8NZA3SyXk

Microlight helicopters in Germany soon?

Germany is to expected another kind of microlight in its community: The national Aeroclub DAeC and the Microlight organization DULV got the approval to start with a program to introduce Microlight helicopters. During the next two years they have to… Continue reading

Attention to stolen Rotax 912 engines from Spain

Six Rotax 912 (3x 80 HP and 3x 100 HP) were stolen in Spain. Please pay attention primarily to suspicious low prices. Serial numbers are as follows:

5645830 – 5645618 – 4407737 – 4410669 – 4406796 – 5643909

Meeting Reports from Working Conference in Mallorca online

All materials from Mallorca meeting including pictures are available now!

EMF Working Conference next weekend

EMF Working Conference will be held in Mallorca (Spain) on 9th-10th March.

Happy new year 2013!


Best wishes from the EMF: Happy new year!

Danish flying in the wintertime

Not a lot of flying is taking place these days in Denmark since the weather is not convenient. We know that there are flying activities in the Mediteranian countries, France, Spain, Portugal, Malta and perhaps some Danish microlight students… Continue reading

Important news from UK

In UK we had our annual indoor show  on December 1st-2nd and BMAA also have their AGM.

BMAA now have CAA approval to handle design approval for amateur built aeroplanes in the VLA/ LSA category, in addition to those… Continue reading

Microlight Helicopter Class in France

The Microlight Helicopter Class is now effective in France since 10 months. It became the 6th class of microlights, after Class 1 Paramotor, Class 2 Weight Shift, Class 3 Three Axis, Class 4 Augyro and Class 5 Airship. At this… Continue reading


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