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Translate local languages

We get questions how to read the web pages having only the local language. When loading the page (or re-load it by Ctrl-R), the “G” symbol appears. Select your language, or for best result, use English. The greek page comes… Continue reading

Rieteke elected as new president of EMF

We congratulate Rieteke with her new job in our Board, elected at the General Conference in Prague Saturday 10th of October. The new board is now 1st Vice President Jean-Claude Hanesse, France (far left), 2nd Vice President Jan Fridrich,… Continue reading

Dominique Méreuze – taken off for the last time

We are sorry to have to inform you of the death of Dominique Méreuze after a long illness, the last night. Right to the end he found the energy to fight and enjoyed life to the fullest.… Continue reading

Blog service closed – sorry!

We are sorry that our limited resourses does not allow any Blog using posted comments to any extent. This site suffered, and we were forced to delete all comments. For internal communication within EMF we are using Yahoo.


Try flying in Wales

By Keith Negal (written in 2005)

Of those microlight pilots who come from Europe to fly in the United Kingdom, few make it as far as Wales. This is a pity as the north-west coast of Wales is beautiful country… Continue reading

Welcome to the EMF site

A letter from Dominique Méreuze, the EMF President

When EMF was created, the creators were prompted by the resolution to allow the European pilots keen on microlighting, which is our common passion, to be able to carry on living their passion within a reasonable regulatory frame, likely to be shared by a vast majority. The EMF is one of the means to reach this goal, and we realize after several years that it is difficult to reach it in a Europe we did advocate for, but whose control levers are unfortunately too often in the hands of technocrats and politicians ignorant of our concerns.

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