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Danish flying in the wintertime

Not a lot of flying is taking place these days in Denmark since the weather is not convenient.
We know that there are flying activities in the Mediteranian countries, France, Spain, Portugal, Malta and perhaps some Danish microlight students  will be interested in doing some training down there in the wintertime on top of the training up here combining with a little winter holiday.

To qualify for a  Danish microlight certificate you must have a Danish PPL(A) theory exam and a practical flying test done by a Danish examiner.

We are familiar with these places which offer training:

Piet from Denmark



Important news from UK

In UK we had our annual indoor show  on December 1st-2nd and BMAA also have their AGM.

BMAA now have CAA approval to handle design approval for amateur built aeroplanes in the VLA/ LSA category, in addition to those in the microlight category. First one is nearly through the system – the Best Off Nynja, at 500kg MTOW.

Hitting the headlines recently is our first UK aircraft BRS deployment – albeit in France! (flying back from Blois) – the pilot gives a very frank account of what lead to this, which might make useful educational reading for all EMF pilots: link

With the year coming to an end and accounts being closed for BMAA trading year for the AGM, its a time to reflect on the year. The economic situation is biting quite hard now on microlight sales in UK – a record low for new machines this year. However microlight schools are doing better than GA ones, and still have students coming through, and microlight pilots license issue numbers are holding steady. A change has been a noticeable shift from sole ownership of aircraft to shared ownership – a reflection of the economic situation, and also that microlights have become more capable – but much more expensive over the last decade!

We are negotiating with our CAA for detail changes to our single seater sub115kg category (a category which doesn’t require design or production approval) -extension to empty weight for electric aircraft batteries, and BRS carriage. This has been agreed in principle, but negotiations are ongoing – with CAA wanting to extend the 10kg/square meter empty wing loading to include these items, and us wanting them outside it, so existing designs won’t be excluded from benefitting from the proposed changes (and we won’t be frightened too much if the wind blows a bit!).

Big news is a material issue for P&M aviation Flexwings. There have been problems with Kevlar reinforcing strips suffering from UV degradation (yes we do get sun here sometimes!), with a previous in flight failure leading to a service bulletin, and then another recently in Ireland, which has lead to a reissue with a higher test value. This has lead to a lot of aircraft falling the test and being grounded subject to a fairly costly repair with new material. Bad news for P&M in these tough commercial times, and bad news for owners: link
Its important owners in other countries – maybe those that don’t have a formal system for conveying service bulletins, and maybe where machines have changed hands and owners aren’t known to P&M, get to see this bulletin.

The issue of sailcloth degradation and the real possibilty of in flight failure if machine is stored badly or is getting old, and owner doesn’t take the threat seriously, is maybe a good one to remind all our pilots.

Paul Dewhurst

Microlight Helicopter Class in France

The Microlight Helicopter Class is now effective in France since 10 months. It became the 6th class of microlights, after Class 1 Paramotor, Class 2 Weight Shift, Class 3 Three Axis, Class 4 Augyro and Class 5 Airship. At this time four machines have received an identification index from our CAA. They are :
Kompress Charly I and II from Elisport (2 seats)
Runabout CH 77 from the same company (2seats)
Spirit Tandem from Cicare Europe (2 seats)
Mosquito XE from Innovator Technologies (single seat)
At that time,the 26th of November 2012, about twelve pilots get a licence and ten flying instructors are already in function, coming in majority from the “light certified helicopter category”.  As a transitional disposition, during still 12 months, if you get a instructor rating in the light helicopter category and if you are also a microlight instructor,  you could be a flight instructor by equivalence for this new class). The regulation is exactly the same for the 6 classes.

News from member countries – November 2012

Due to autumn time European microlighting is calm almost everywhere. Neverthelest we bring you few news from November.

Belgium – preparing the General conference and the projects for next year.  Although BULMF is following the evolution of LSA issues, at the National Aero Club level both Federations ULM (Microlight )and AVIATION have decided that LSA will be handled by Federation AVIATION.

Denmark – soon Danish microlight flyers will be granted flying over urban areas. Denmark is probably the only country in Europe with these kind of restrictions.

Malta – lots of flying being done, and on November 24th two students passed their GST.

Norway – these days theory courses for new candidates running, gathering instructors for update seminar and safety issues.

Poland – in talks with CAA about authority matter. Two meetings had place in November, both succesful. LAF RP has chance to become Polish Sport Union for microlighting.

Portugal –  in Portugal when a student pilot completes his first solo flight, the instructor throws a bucket of water on him, then all the pilots present kick him on his backside. Below you can find the link for pictures of this tradition. The number of new pilots is increasing. This story is an evidence: “Each year, to celebrate the anniversary of our flight school we gather all the student pilots and those who are already pilots and offer them a dinner at our airfield. To all that have finished their pilot course, in our school, during this last year, we offer a golden metal pair of wings to wear on their clothing or flight suits. Last year we offered 4 wings, this year we offered 6. We are proud of our pilots and look forward to continue giving more wings in the future.” Take a look at the pictures here!

Spain – AEPAL’s recognition to the General Director of Civil Aviation Authority. English version on the bottom: link

News from France and UK coming soon!

News from member countries – October 2012

Czech Republic – “LAA CR for own pleasure” meeting on 6th October was great! Have a look on a short video

France – October 27th-30th the Stage Cadet ULM took place in Gap Tallard

Netherlands – KNVvL in talks with government on issuing all non-commercial licenses (October 8th)

Norway – “Season ending” 2012 in Star Moen – ENSMA – Elverum took place on 19 – 21 October

Poland – October 16th – the new Head of CAA, Mr. Piotr Ołowski, ATPL pilot and the Polish Parliament member

Spain – September 20th: the new VFR Chart for the TMA Madrid came into effect, with several achievements for GA.

The AEPAL Safety Aviation Bulletin #4 has been published; available here (In Spanish only).