Rieteke re-elected as president of EMF

We congratulate Rieteke for being re-elected as President at the General Conference in Vilnius on Saturday 28th of October. The new board is now General Secretary Dariusz Cymerys, Poland (far left), Vice President  Louis Collardeau, France (far left), President Rieteke van Luijt, The Netherlands, Vice President Jan Fridrich, Czech, and Assistant Treasurer Hans Havsager, Denmark  (far right).


2 Responses to Rieteke re-elected as president of EMF

  • Bernard Baudouin says:

    Bravo Madame ,
    The micro world will support you and thank you to protect the microlight rules not being mixt and dépendant of the general and private aviation .
    General aviation is on a very big decline because of their rules and their cost , that decline amplifies every year , let’s protect the microlight world not being absorb by general aviation .
    Warm regards
    Bernard Baudouin

  • Kiwanuka Yosamu says:

    Great news to all members and well wishers of emf . You have our support
    Kiwanuka Yosamu

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